A church is not a building. It's the people worshipping God within that building, whether it's a cathedral or a living room. Let's learn a little about the leaders of Renewal Church.

Picking Up Stakes And Starting Again

Dwight and Connie Dunn loved the suburban Philadelphia, PA congregation where Dwight served as Pastor for over 27 years. They had seen  God develop a close-knit community of believers who were growing in faith and favor in their town.
As their youngest of four children was preparing for college, the Dunns asked the Lord whether they should continue serving Him in Philadelphia or if He was calling them to a new ministry.  The Dunns sensed God calling them to church planting partly due to the great need for new churches reflected in a couple of troubling statistics.

Every day in America 10 churches close their doors, and only 3 new churches open to take up the charge.

The USA now has the fifth largest population in the world of those who do not believe the Christian faith.

Dwight and Connie knew almost immediately that a move was in their future. They would be leaving behind the people they loved, and the community their children called home, knowing that God had a new community in store for them.

And they would do so willingly because they've experienced the goodness of God before — and wanted to continue to be part of his plan to make all things new again.

Old Friends, Common Passion

Joining Dwight and Connie in bringing Renewal to Loganville are their good friends from way back, Kevin and Debbie Eutsey. Kevin and Debbie both grew up in Pittsburgh and meandered above the Mason-Dixon Line for years before settling down in the South where the skies are always blue.

Two adult children, 2 grandchildren, and Debbie's father, who all settled in the Metro-Atlanta area, round out their family.

"It is our desire to see unfulfilled people in Loganville meet a grace-filled God. That which troubles people are real and so is God's desire to establish and build relationships with them." Kevin and Debbie have lived near Loganville since 2005. The area is beautiful and so it's people, so many of whom we have met, and we continue to develop and establish enriching relationships.

What could be better than a church built on a Gospel-centered friendship?


To establish a new community of believers in Loganville renewed by Christ’s grace and to bring kingdom renewal to its neighborhoods and world for God’s glory.


Who would have such an ambitious goal? Only the best of friends, who had seen God's mercy before.

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Planting a church is about people and events coming together in God's timing. Nevertheless, we make a plan and work our plan.


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