Where we've come from, and where we are — as God sees fit — going.

Phase 1 – Preparation

Prayer & Support Raising, Info gathering, demographics

It started with two men and their families and has spread to dozens who have lent us their support — helping us refine our vision and plan, connecting us with others who desire to help, contributing financially to the work of ministry, and daily asking the Father for his mercy and blessings.

We continue to seek those who can support this work,

but in the meantime, the work begins!

Phase 2 – Gathering

Networking, meeting and gathering people

We believe we aren't the only ones called to plant this new church in Loganville. It's our hope and conviction that God has been preparing others to work alongside us — others whose desire is to see God's kingdom grow and to find their community of faith with us. When the team is in place and God willing we have reached our launch indicators, we move on to the next step.

Phase 3 – Launching

This is where we start looking like the "church" we've been dreaming about.

Phase 4 – Developing

Discipling People, Developing Leaders, Forming outward-facing church culture and ministry teams. Becoming a self-sustaining church.

Phase 5 – Multiplying

Establishing & Promoting Healthy, Flourishing Churches – our own congregation & others


To establish a new community of believers in Loganville renewed by Christ’s grace and to bring kingdom renewal to its neighborhoods and world for God’s glory.


Who would have such an ambitious goal? Only the best of friends, who had seen God's mercy before.

Image by Марьян Блан

Planting a church is about people and events coming together in God's timing. Nevertheless, we make a plan and work our plan.

renewal church

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