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Teaching through the Trimmings

This post introduces a new Advent Devotional blog series. My wife, Connie, and I wrote an Advent Devotional titled Teaching through the Trimmings: An Advent devotional using the sights of Christmas to remind us of Christ. You can download the complete devotional if you prefer here: Teaching through the Trimmings.

For those who prefer to read the devotion through periodic blog posts, subscribe to the blog to receive notification when they're posted. There will be 4 posts per week up until Christmas Day. The introduction to the series follows and the first entry in the series will post tomorrow morning:

Jesus was a master illustrator. He used everyday objects to teach His listeners God’s truth. Jesus described Himself as the living water, bread of life, the gate, and the good shepherd. Our Lord described His Father’s kingdom in parables of a sower, mustard seed, pearl, net, and wheat field. The everyday objects Jesus used in His teaching provided understanding and lasting reminders of what He said.

The Christmas season is filled with new and beautiful sights and activities. The sights and goings-on of Christmas often lead our thoughts away from Christ’s birth. The goal of this devotional is to use the sights and events of the Christmas season to remind us of Christ.

We wrote the devotional so that you can read it with your children and grandchildren, etc. However, people of all ages will benefit from it. We hope these devotions change how you see Christmas decorations and activities. After reading these devotions, we hope the ‘sights of Christmas’ will cause you to remember, and to remind your children, of God’s amazing love for you.

The devotional includes 16 readings to average four per week leading up to Christmas. The first two devotions explain ‘Advent’ and how to best use the days before Christmas. The remaining devotions show how the sights of Christmas can remind you of Jesus. The readings include brief discussion questions and prayer suggestions if you wish to use them. We encourage you to add to them.

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