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Why an Advent Devotional?

Most everyone is very busy – especially at Christmas.  Many people would like to make a stronger connection with God during Christmas and they want that for their children or grandchildren too.  However, we wonder how to make it happen.

We felt similar pressures raising our four children and, like you, we’re now as busy as ever!  We wrote Teaching through the Trimmings to help people grow closer to God, teach their children about the Lord, and keep focused on Christ during Christmas.   

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What is the Devotional Like?

The devotional consists of 16 readings to be completed at your pace between now and Christmas Day.  The devotions are written with children in mind but will benefit anyone. 


The readings use common sights during Christmas (Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, etc.) to illustrate a biblical teaching.  Our Christmas decorations can then prompt us to remember God’s amazing love for us.  The readings offer suggested discussion questions and prayers to use if you wish and we encourage you to add to them.

How Can I Get the Free Devotional?

You can download the devotional or you can subscribe to our blog and receive a notification each time one of the readings is posted on our blog.

You can download two formats of the devotional.  One copy is suited for viewing on your desktop or for printing. 


A second copy is suited for viewing on your devices such as a tablet or phone.

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Who Is This Devotional From?

Teaching through the Trimmings devotional is made possible by Renewal Church, a new church in Loganville, GA.


The devotional reflects Renewal Church’s mission to help people and communities experience Christ’s renewing grace.  Please explore our webpage or contact us if you wish to learn more about us. 


While you pray at the end of each devotional,  please pray for Renewal Church to reach, gather, and equip people to live on mission for Jesus.