There are already 65 churches in Walton County. So why start a new one?


Are the others all full?

Bringing the Gospel of Christ's Renewing Grace
to the Forefront

If everyone in Loganville had found the perfect place to worship, grow, and serve God, we would be thrilled! But the truth is that 70% of people in Walton County don’t attend church regularly.

The evidence of God’s work, past and present, is in view all around Loganville. We’re amazed and thankful for the rich Christian heritage. Yet we’ve acknowledged that there’s work to be done.


What does that renewing work look like?

Jesus Christ came to make us new from the inside-out: transforming and empowering our lives, relationships, purposes, and interactions with the world.

Most of us are still looking to renew ourselves from the outside in.

Some may pursue renewal in a make-over, a trip to the day spa, a weekend getaway to recharge their batteries, a career change, a new workout regimen, engaging in religious practices, or daydreaming about escaping the daily grind.


Nothing is wrong with a little pampering or R & R – but these forms of renewal don’t bring the ultimate transformation we or the world require.  

God summarizes His past, present, and future glorious work of salvation in terms of cosmic renewal when He declares, ‘Behold! I am making all things new’ (Revelation 21:5).  


As a new congregation, Renewal Church longs for God to extend His renewing work to Loganville to establish a body of believers renewed by God’s grace and to bring kingdom renewal to its neighborhoods and world for God’s glory.  Specifically, we’re seeking Christ to renew people's faith, family, and focus.

A Renewal of Faith

We need a greater understanding of who God is, who we are, and what our relationship with him is. We need people to find life in Christ by being united to him in a vital faith. 

Renewing the faith must be a constant, vigilant pursuit for all believers otherwise our faith becomes a formal religion rather than a vital relationship with Christ empowered by His Spirit and ultimately leads to leaving the faith altogether.  


We seek to be a congregation that honestly acknowledges the struggle and necessity for renewal and who intentionally pursue a healthy, vibrant relationship with Christ.
People who have yet to believe in Christ require a new faith in Christ and we strive to be a community where people can explore answers to their questions in an open and welcoming atmosphere.  

A Renewal of Family

We need a place where surface-level relationships become authentic, meaningful and centered around our relationship with Christ.

Whatever our calling - single, family-member, divorcee, widow/widower, etc., - we desire for Christ to inform and transform our relationships through His grace and to live in renewed community with each other and our neighbors.  


We seek to be the loving family that God calls us to be where we can share our struggles, help carry each other’s burdens, pray for each other, forgive and pursue peace with one another, challenge each other to follow Christ more faithfully, encourage each other, and love one another.  

A Renewal of Focus

We need to be connected with God’s mission of making disciples, rather than just – and this stings a bit – using church to satisfy our needs.

As wonderful and important as Christ’s renewing grace is for our personal salvation, the coming of Christ’s kingdom consists of Jesus ruling over and renewing the entire cosmos for His glory.  As believers in King Jesus, we are not isolated spiritual units but we are the supernatural body of Christ, the Church, sent on mission by Him to enter our daily spheres to renew the world through His grace and peace by word and deed.  


We see every believer as a minister called and gifted for kingdom work within their respective vocations and wherever God leads them.   We long to equip and support people in their mission.  

We need a rediscovery of the freshness of the Gospel. If the story of God is starting to feel old we are definitely missing something.
We need a place where we can ask the questions everyone’s thinking but no one wants to admit to. Without judgment.

What we need, in summary, is nothing more nor less than what God intended for his Church. He’s just not done with us yet.

And because He’s not done we gladly roll up our sleeves and plant the next church in Loganville. Because for some people it will be the church where they

experience the love of God for the first time, 

find the support they need through an extended illness, or

hear the call of their Savior saying “feed my sheep,” and roll up their sleeves with us.

Maybe you share this vision with us. If so, why not learn a little more about the people.

To establish a new community of believers in Loganville renewed by Christ’s grace and to bring kingdom renewal to its neighborhoods and world for God’s glory.

Who would have such an ambitious goal? Only the best of friends, who had seen God's mercy before.

Image by Марьян Блан

Planting a church is about people and events coming together in God's timing. Nevertheless, we make a plan and work our plan.

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